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October 10, 2017

RODENTS - Most people with rodent problems are not aware of exactly how the rodents are getting into their home, and where the problem that's creating the infestation exist. During our intensive inspection we search the entire home interior/exterior, to find what we know to be the basic entry and exit points. The easiest way to perform this search is to, first observe the surroundings of the house. Then start from the front of the house finishing in the backyard. For the inside of the home we would start at the doorway and go around the room along the baseboards of the room. This procedure is done in every room throughout the house. Once the entry/exit points are found we then follow protocol for treating wall voids and trap placement.

Elizabeth C.


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Grace & Mercy are the experts in exterminator services. They arrive on time, extremely knowledgeable and results truly delivered. I can always appreciate the fast response to a call on Columbus Day weekend, after multiple calls and a house with rodent infestation, they were the only company to call back and set up an appointment, the rates are reasonable! I would highly recommend this company to multiple friends with residential or commercial buildings.

Morris H.

6 months ago-

Good service, the tech was very informative and professional.